Illustrator and Designer

The Guardian

On World Refugee Day, the Guardian recognised 25 years of the refugee crisis. That’s 25 years of our fellow human beings fleeing their homes and countries for fear of persecution, war, famine and civil unrest. During that time, an unbelievable 34,361 people have died trying to reach safety in Europe. The rhetoric around this issue, exacerbated by ignorant leaders and scaremongering media is inhumane and unhelpful. Using the word ‘infest’ to describe desperate, helpless human beings is abhorrent, and promotes an idea that somehow one human life is worth less than another’s, based solely on the place they happened to be born. Needless to say, illustrating this supplement was a privilege, but scrolling through image banks of photos wasn’t easy. Seeing a list of 34,361 causes of death isn’t easy either, but if we don’t acknowledge the existence of the problem, we deny the need for change.



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